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Quinnair loves Hot water heat, and you’ll love Quinnair’s fast, knowledgeable and honest technicians for all your boiler needs. Hot water heating is referred to by many names: Boiler heat, hydronic heat, radiant heat, underfloor heat, in-floor heat, baseboard heat, hot water heat and more. Regardless of what you call it, “hot water heat” has been established as the most comfortable way to heat a home, and here’s why…


Quinnair believes in getting as much life out of an existing system as safely possible. Unlike many contractors in our industry, we will not push for an unnecessary replacement. We will give you an accurate diagnostic of your system, advise you of your best options, and offer a price that is always fair.


Please call us for a free in-home quote, if you are in need of a new boiler or just want a second opinion. We have teamed up with manufactures that produce high quality, reliable, equipment.


  • 1. Comfort
    Almost all homes have hot and cold spots, during the chilly winter season. A home with hot water heat has multiple thermostats that each control a zone valve. These zone valves direct the heat to different rooms or “zones” of a home. So, if one person wants their bedroom at 67 degrees, someone else wants 70 degrees and a third person wants the basement at 74 degrees, all three can relax in a different temperature, that is just right for their comfort.
  • 2. Silent operation
    Unlike a noisy gas forced air furnace with blower fans, hot water heat provides quiet, peaceful, heating throughout your home.
  • 3. Energy efficiency
    Hot water heat has several ways that make it more efficient that other heating options. Two of the biggest reasons are …
    A) When heat is dispensed at or under the floor level, you feel more comfortable. Hydronic heat has a way of stacking the heat from the floor upwards, verses gas forced air that blows warm air up into a room, causing the warmth to stack from the ceiling downwards. You are usually heating less of the rooms volume with hot water heat.
    B) The Zoning feature of Hot Water Heat, (mentioned above) allows you to turn the temperature down, in unused areas of the home, so that you are only heating occupied areas of your home.

Outstanding Boiler Installation Service Near Lakewood, CO and the Surrounding Areas

Want to make sure that your home stays warm? Then work with some of the best boiler installers near Lakewood, CO! Quinnair Heating & Air Conditioning can handle boiler installation with ease. We have decades of industry experience, and always go above and beyond for our clients. Call today to speak to a boiler contractor and learn more.

Making Sure Your Boiler Installation and Replacement is Handled Perfectly

Boiler heating offers a number advantages over other heating options. For example, in most cases, boilers run silently. In addition, they can be zoned, which means that different rooms can have different temperatures. We offer outstanding gas boiler installation and replacement service in order to make sure your building stays warm. Each job is handled with care in order to make sure that the work is done perfectly. We can install the following:

  • NTI Boilers
  • Triangle Boilers
  • Lock and Bar Boilers
  • Slant Boilers
  • Ultra Thin Boilers

Talk to a Boiler Contractor Now

If you want to work with one of the best boiler installation companies in the local area, then consider giving Quinnair Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Contact us now for more information.

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